AC Circuit Analysis Program
by Gene Preston - version 05/14/06

Click on AC.doc to see the circuit solutions for the .txt files listed below.
Right button click on AC.exe to save it to your desktop. Do the same for pi.txt.
Double click on AC.exe on your desktop and then type in pi.txt to run this example.

AC.doc or AC.pdf is the program documentation.
AC.exe is the program executable.
AC.txt is the program source code.

pi.txt is a pi network circuit with plot output.
pita.txt is a pi network circuit with tabular output.
3trans.txt is a three transistor amplifier with bass boost.
opamp.txt is an operational amplifier notch filter.
xfmr.txt is a two winding transformer example.
filter.txt is an active CW filter in QST, June 2006, page 32.

This is freeware. You may use the program and source code as you please.
The source code is AC.txt because AC.for on download causes an error message.
Comments are appreciated - send comments to:
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