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Reliability and Transmission Analysis
Eugene G. Preston's Presentations
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email: g.preston@ieee.org
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IEEE Reliability Test System
IEEE 2020 RTS-GMLC and RTS 2020 files.
RTS 2023 ERCOT study files. Readme2.txt to see how to create the .exe file.
RTS 1979 files benchmarking exact solutions to Roy Billington's 1986 paper.

Electric System Reliability:
My ERCOT 2023 probabilistic reliability assessment and 2024 summer forecast.
My presentation to the Engineering and Science Council of Houston Oct 7 2023.
The same presentation recorded in my home office prior to Oct 7.
The presentation slides. Why not 100% renewables? The Excel file is shown below as file ERCOT22A.xlsx.
ERCOT22A.xlsx is the current ERCOT system using 2022 hourly data with CO2 sources producing 59% of the energy (7.3 c/kWh).
ERCOT22N4.xlsx is the best future system using 52 GW nuclear, 40 GW wind, 50 GW solar, and ~60 GW gas 5% energy (9.7 c/kWh).
ERCOT22C.xlsx CRUSH thermal storage allows 100% fossil fuel free energy and is reliable during 2021 Storm Uri (10.2 c/kWh).
Dr Forsberg American Nuclear Society 2023 Nuclear thermal CRUSH storage presentation.

My 1997 Dissertation and 2002 ERCOT Seminar:
Dissertation on composite generation/transmission reliability (1.3 Mb) and at Univ of Texas Library...
...Appendices A B C D and Bibliography and Defense
My dissertation also revealed a way to perform Piecewise Quadratic time domain analysis.
IEEE paper on generation reliability modeling with transmission constraints
IEEE paper on transmission reliability modeling for multiple line outages (zipflow)
An ERCOT Seminar on Loss of Load Probability (LOLP) basic concepts.
The 1999 Synchronous Interconnection Study report to the Texas Legislature.
My 1979 Masters is a way to linearly allocate losses in large power systems.
AC circuit analysis program I wrote in college in 1969 predates Spice.

Other Interesting Stuff:
An interesting experiment showing that gravity field energy is not zero and is positive energy.
Interesting derivation showing how permittivity can make the electron look like a simple capacitor.
The electron capacitance model permittivity epi=epi0*(1 + a/r)^2 also predicts bending of light correctly.
Source of the fine line 137 constant is derived from EM as spherical energy like the above capacitor.
A simple gravity fields look at a neutron suggests it probably is a black hole.
Here are some examples showing how the speed of light is a hidden variable.
New gravity equation explains galaxy rotation without needing dark matter.
Simple space ship experiment shows the speed of light must be variable.
Einstein's Assumption Fails conservaton of wavefronts test.
The apparent speed of light is a constant but is it absolute?
My twitter comments on energy and climate change.
2018 Tesla 3 charges with solar using this inverter.
Boomer Block Pools Scamming Information.
Year 2000 church mission trip to Honduras.
Links to other K5GP amateur radio info.
Greenland and Antarctica Ice Loss.
Kings Highway scary hike.
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