Transmission Adequacy Consulting

Wind and Solar ATC Studies (Ask for a free introductory test case.)
New ATC sub OPF model and N-2 AC loadflow solutions
New PTDF model lists the generators causing congestion
New distance calculator quickly finds nearby generators
Composite Generation/Transmission Reliability Studies
Review Electric Network Studies Prepared by Others
Low Fees Charged for Advanced Studies (~$1000)
Quick Turnaround on Study Requests

Eugene G. Preston, PhD, PE
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Eugene G. Preston's Resume (& clients)

A Direct High Speed Calculation Procedure For Determining LOLE, LOLH, and EUE For Fossil, Wind, and Solar Generation With A Suggested Procedure For Also Including Transmission Constraints - WECC video 1 - file 1 and repeated to the IEEE video 2 - file 2 which also has study results.
Here is why it's so important to keep the grid reliable, i.e. maintaining an LOLE<=0.1 days per year.
Here is my letter to the EPA concerning what I see in the future as we phase out coal.
Dissertation on composite generation/transmission reliability (1.3 Mb) Appendices A B C D and Bibliography and Defense
IEEE paper on generation reliability modeling with transmission constraints
IEEE paper on transmission reliability modeling for multiple line outages (zipflow)
My dissertation also revealed a way to perform Piecewise Quadratic time domain analysis.
The Integral Fast Reactor, an ultimate energy source, seems to be one of the US government's best kept secrets. (ppt)
Articles on: 2015 Energy and CO2 and Greenland and Antarctica Ice Loss.

Here is a neat way to watch pay per view movies on TiVo or your Smart TV that can access Youtube.
A fool proof way to protect your win 7 or win 8 pc from viruses and malware.
Twitter comments I have posted discussing energy and climate change issues.
Conservation of wavefronts starts a new path for linking Gravity to QED.
Even a variable speed of light will be measured as a constant.
Links to other K5GP amateur radio info.
K5GP's radio noise tracking equipment.
Boomer Block Pools information.