Preston Family and Boat
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Johanna (W5JLP) Louisa (KB5LBN) Cheryl (KD5IGF) Gene (K5GP) & dog (sk)
Johanna at Univ of Texas station N5XU
Louisa at the helm with Lake Travis in the background
Happy Cheryl with AYC in the background
FLO's sleek lines, she has reached 13 knots in a 26 knot wind
Gene and Cheryl at helm during a summer 03 fri night beer can race
FLO in a race on Lake Travis
K5GP Info
Gene, IC756ProII, AL80b, and CW keyboard (1 kW QSK)
K5GP QSL card
K5GP at
AL-80B mod at
K5GP's Newly Designed broadband 80 meter antenna also works on 160 meters.
UUMC-HOI Team In Honduras In March Of 2000
UUMC Home Page
HOI Home Page
Honduran kids in a remote village
More kids and a school under construction
A village mom and her little one
Gene, our work crew, kids, and school teacher (feeding)
Huge fruit on a little tree at the Ranch
Another village mom and one of us holding her baby
UUMC work team from Austin Texas at the Ranch
Ranch veterinarian Dr Herb and his wife Jean
E-mail message being sent using WL2K, FT-100, and PTC-IIe
Early morning fog below the mountains at the Ranch
Police in Tegucigalpa are well armed to keep the peace
Lady selling vegetables in Tegucigalpa
HOI Leader Miriam waiting for a new team in Tegucigalpa

A simple salsa recipe.